February 9, 2024

In October 2019, when we opened our shop, we did so in faith, holding on to it very loosely to allow God to do what he had planned. We have gone thru many shifts and changes since then. It is time for us to make another shift. For this season, we have decided to close our physical doors and go to an online platform where you can order and pick up in store on designated days/times. We will also be transitioning our kitchen to offer meal prep/catering service. March 9 will be our last shopping day in the store. Our kitchen for in store purchases will be closing today.


We are changing the way you can shop with us and what we offer.

1. What does it look like?

From now until March 9, you can come into the store and purchase items like you always have. Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 5PM and special Uptown Shopping events. Our in-house food options are not available at this time to allow Resa to prepare for the transition.

March 9, we will close our doors to public traffic. Resa will continue working to implement our online shopping platform and inventory update.

In early April, the online platform will launch that will allow you to shop and then pick up in store at designated days/times. We will probably also have open shopping days when there are big events in the Uptown Jackson Shopping district.

2. Will all that we sell now be available?

No. We will be downsizing our inventory to a more sustainable level. Local grocery items, natural cleaning items, and select wellness aids will be available in curated boxes and/or single item purchases. Decor, gifts, books, puzzles, etc. will be phasing out or moving to a new location/booth in March.

3. What about your in-house food?

We will be transitioning our salads, soups, chaffles, sausage rolls, hand pies, and more to a weekly preorder meal prep option. Once we have a handle on that process, we will roll out a catering option.

4. Will you have delivery options?

We are exploring a local delivery option that will be priced based on delivery distance.

As we approach the change over, we will release more information to explain how everything will work.


Opening Hours

Special Events in Uptown Jackson TBA