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Vitality Market continues to promote a holistic approach to health and wellness, addressing the mind, body and spirit. We specialize in creating nourishing whole foods, sourcing as many local and organic ingredients as possible. We select wellness aids and household support items that are made of natural, bioavailable ingredients to support a low tox, harsh-chemical free home.

Nourishing & Flavorful
Our Food Philosophy

A simple rainbow of whole foods. Resa brings together flavors and recipes from her time abroad and translates them into healthy versions to suit the Mid-Western palette.

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our table

As a customer you are seen as a guest at the family table. Resa pours the same love and care into her food as she does as a mother to nourish her own family.

What People Are Saying
"As someone who values character and hometown goodness, Vitality Market is my go-to for quality healthcare products and homemade grab-n-go food. With Resa's curated supplement selection, coupled with her knowledge and delicious food selection, every visit is a nourishing experience!"

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